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Yes that is right ants have decided to setup an aphid farm in my aquaponics. It's amazing how fast they get going also. One day everything good and the next the ants are everywhere and they have their cow aphids roaming the planes. I am including a pic so you can see my tail of woe. What should I do to get rid of this invasion? They seem to have an under rock operation and up in the bell pepper operation going.

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On a side note I haven't seen any ladybugs this season at all which is very strange. I am always rescuing them from the pool.

Sometimes flooding the bed over the gravel for several hours is enough to get the ants to move but I have never had much luck with that method myself.


I have lots of plants with aphids being farmed by ants.  I will remove a plant that is so infested that it isn't producing well but otherwise I've largely been ignoring them except to be careful when picking my peppers, okra, or yardlong beans so as not to get bit by the ants.

Hi Chris,

Sorry to see this infestation. Even though we have a one-stop shop, add to cart, Organic remedies available on site, I've tried many suggestions. I've only managed to "control" the problem with homemade remedies and I'm yet to try the  manufactured  organic pesticides though.They seem to attack my tomato and pepper plants only(lettuce has no problems), but when conditions are right for them, boy do they explode! Within a day or two they can become pervasive and a real challenge. The ants seem to have computers with high speed internet as they appear simultaneously with the aphid infiltration! Sylvia's recommendation of removing the plants and soaking in the FT as food for the fish is troublesome but works well as a means of closing the loop in a natural way.

I have been using the internet as well. No army will take my aquaponics! lol

I found this recipe on the net and I am brewing it up now.

1 Gal Water
2 Onions
1 full bulb of Garlic
1 tbs cheyenne pepper
1 tbs chili powder
1 tbs black pepper


Here is a link

Hi Chris,

Please share if it works for you. I've tried many homemade recipes but find they damage the crop in some way or the other.

You can also read here if you want to need other ones....

There is a reason why ants and insects on the whole outnumber humans on this rock. Welcome to the club!

Hello, I think the ants go after the aphids so if you can take care of them the ants will not have any meal and they go away

I use any spare (strong scented) herbs like catnip, mint or oregano powders. Vinegar and talcum powder have also worked for me.

@ Chris: That formula is best for ordinary multi use pest (bug) control. If you are careful and want to simplify, a simple tobacco or pepper  juice spray works quite well most of the time.

I have had a problem with them on my beds ... flooding the beds overnight seems to help if it is done often enough. Harold is right homemade recipes seem to damage crops in some way if you are not careful.


Hi Shari,

They also keep the beneficial bugs/fungus/bacteria away at the same time, locking you in to continued treatments.

Shari Bown said:

I have had a problem with them on my beds ... flooding the beds overnight seems to help if it is done often enough. Harold is right homemade recipes seem to damage crops in some way if you are not careful.


Botanigard es is organic and it will wack the aphids. I have had no problems controlling aphids this year since I started using it. I tried some home brew and it just plugged up my sprayers or burnt something. Pricey but worth it.

Don't use Garlic! Garlic contains sulphur. It is an antibacterial and antifungal agent & it kills beneficials and ladybugs too - If it gets in the system it may affect  the fish. 

Instead, you should use chopped tomato leaves- Use a cup or two per batch (to keep it fresh) of leaves and chop them & steep them in (2 cups) of water over night. The leaves contain alkaloids which is harmful to pests but not plants/humans (or fish) Strain it thru cheese cloth or coffee filters into a bigger cup - and then (add a couple of more cups of water)  to your mix - Put it a spray bottle and then first remove the aphids with your fingers (yuk) and spray both sides of leaves. Alternate with liquid seaweed extract. Spray hard & mist! Try this for a few days & they should cease to exist!

I decided to fight two battles instead of one. The ants got an ant bait near the base of the beds on a cinder block. It started working right away. The ants I have are called piss ants because they are so small. The liquid baits work the best. I buy the Terro ant baits because they "They work".

I clogged up two sprayers with the mix above and shot the aphids. It's looking like it worked. I am going to leave it on tonight and wash it off tomorrow morning and reapply I will filter it better this time. I will see how it goes the ants are more active at night.

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