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I have a heavily stocked IBC tank with 2 media IBC GBs and 1 IBC DWC bed. I have increased the feed rate to the fish for faster growth and of course the ammonia went up. I was toying with the idea of converting the DWC to media to add more filtration but realized I have a large pump that I run at 30% to keep the FT from overflowing. I decided to turn the pump up to 100% and send the extra water back through the media beds for additional filtration. Is this something that will work?

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Your water tests should provide the answer.  You might want to salt (very soon) if you haven't already.  Nitrite spike will follow the ammonia.  Your bacteria may multiply to meet demand.  If not, you'll need more filtering.  Possibly you could add a swirl filter before media.

Already have a swirl filter and salt bi-weekly. Also add iron and potassium sulphate or hydroxide depending on the pH. So I have basically tripled or quadrupled the flow through the beds. Since most of the water has been cycled once there shouldn't be any additional solids in that water, just ammonia.

why are you salting bi-weekly? It doesn't evaporate....

I'm following a recommendation from Bright Agrotech. I have a 600 gallon system and only put in 3 tablespoons for plant nutrition. I probably add enough water from time to time to cover the salt.

It's still early but my ammonia has been coming down steady since I have been re-filtering most of the water. I'll know more next week.

Does anyone know of a reason why you couldn't put something like K1 Biomedia in your sump tank with additional aeration and use that area for bio filtration as well as water storage?

The media will displace some of your sump capacity but that is the only issue that comes to mind.

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