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Hi all, want to set up a place where we can add useful abbreviations so newbies like me aren't stumped. I'll start, please feel free to add to the list every time you have to look something up :-)

AP: AquaPonics

FT: Fish Tank

GB: Grow Beds

GPH: Gallons Per Hour (on water pump)

NH3: Ammonia

NO2: Nitrite

NO3: Nitrate

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ppm: parts per million

ppt: parts per thousand (although, according to Wikipedia, it should always be spelled out "parts per thousand" since ppt actually stands for "parts per trillion". In an aquaponics setting though, I don't think you'll be measure things out in the parts per trillion scale)

mg/l: miligrams per liter (the equivalent measurement of parts per million)

Good stuff, Alex and Rich.  I've added these to the Glossary of Terms on the home page, upper left -  

IBC: ?

AACT: ? (related to something with compost teas, any ideas?)

IBC = Intermediate Bulk Container. Commonly used to store various liquid products. Car oils, corn syrup, soap, etc. They're often repurposed for aquaponics growbeds and/or fishtanks

AACT = Actively Aerated Compost Tea

Thanks so much Alex! Sylvia, I'd be happy to update the abbreviations if there's an easy way to do it. Or I could send you a list of updates every so often so that they can be done wholesale. Thanks again for maintaining that page, it's very helpful.

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