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So.... tonight I watched a very hungrybear rip down my bird feeders with little effort.  They were hanging from a tree using a 500# snapped like they were hanging from a thread.  The feeders were 8' off the ground....he just stood on his hind legs and it was easy pickings!

It got me thinking as to how easy a bear could rip apart my greenhouse with the scent of fresh fish and veggies.

I'm curious to know if anyone has had experience with bears............

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He was kind enough to leave a gift in the yard!

weed repellent... no.   insect repellent... no.

ah... here we go:

it is either this... or send out the mother-in-law.

Ive been using motion detecting sprinklers to ward off deer. They work really well. I doubt it would be as effective on bears (, but I am sure a little Yankee ingenuity, motion detectors, and your deterant of choice could be a helpful mix.

   Yes, we have.  Fotunately our friendly neighborhood Game Officer lives just about 1/2 mile from us.  He gave us what are called "poppers" to use to get rid of (scare off) a herd of marauding elk and a troublesome bear.  These work wonders!  They are a shotgun shell that you shoot and it launches a distance and then sort of explodes among the herd (or near the bear).  And scares them off...In a few weeks they return, but atleast the daily occurance and damage gets stopped.  You might try looking into something like this.  Ask your local Game/Wildlife officer. 

We had a large black bear raid our bee hives. He busted open the super and licked the honey off like a lolipop! I went out yelling in my underwear at the bear ( 3am ), only when I was within 30 feet did he bugger off. Yes they are pests but treat them with respect as they are very powerful and determined animals!

How about the ex-wife?  No the bear does not deserve that ...

Japan Aquaponics - アクアポニックス 日本 said:

weed repellent... no.   insect repellent... no.

ah... here we go:

it is either this... or send out the mother-in-law.

Jason here in Colorado running at a bear can cost you your life. They are a bold breed I suppose. 

I have used motion sensors on flood lights at night to spook them off but in the day time I don't know what works. I wound up moving away into the town.

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