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As of now (10/16/11 at 3:27 MST) we have 2862 members.  When do you think member number 3000 will hit 'enter' on their application for membership?  The person who gets the closest to the correct date and time will get a signed copy of my new book, Aquaponic Gardening (and if you already have a copy, wouldn't it make a great Christmas present?  Or donation to your kid's school library?).  You can only vote once, please make your vote in Mountain time, and my friend Gina can't vote...if she wins again you all will REALLY think this is rigged!  (she came in second in the 1000th member contest and won the 2000th member contest!)


Hint...lately we have had, on average, 7.5 people join per day...


I've shut off the Members tab and the notifications about New Members in the Home page Activity Feed (you didn't think I would make this easy, did you?)  I'll shut down voting either in a week; next Sunday at 3:30 Mountain Time...or when that 3000th member joins...whichever comes first.


Enter your vote as a comment to this thread!  May the best aquapon win!

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11/1/11 12.03
November 1, 2011 at 6:09 PM MST
November 1st, 2011 11:11am
7:20 PM, 11/2
November 1, 2011 @7:05 PM MST
November 4th, 2011 @ 4:52pm Mountain   :P
OCT 30, 2011  @1600 MT

9:25 MST 10/27/11..


November 2, 2011 1:30 pm Mountain Time

I will go for November the 5th. time 3:30 MST

I vote for Nov 20th, at 3:00 PM Mountain time when the 3,000 member joins.

Hmmm.... let's make it Halloween - October 31st 5:37pm MT - Vita


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