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Levels okay? PH. Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates.....not sure

I just want to know if these levels are acceptable readings - I have 3 150 gallons tanks with about 60 tilapia. We naturally have high PH and I use PH down to control it but it often goes back up so it is a continuous battle. Here are my readings as of late; PH 7.8; Amonnia: 0.25; Nitrites between 0.25 -0.50 and Nitrates 80+ and maybe 160 is hard to tell exactly where it falls in color. My nitrites were always zero until the last few weeks and I am not sure if it is something I should be concerned with. If so, what is the fix and what are the ideal readings for everything. The plants look good although a little yellowing on some of the leaves. My broccolli bolted too and flowered along with my cauliflower. The system was doing really well and then we had a few problems with a plumbing that have been fixed but can't seem to get everything perfect like it was before.....I would appreciate some advice....thanks 

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This is just my personal opinion but, I worry more about low PH than high PH. The nitrifying bacteria are always working on lowering it so maybe you could relax a little bit on that. I also think you might be overfeeding the fish if the nitrites are high. I started feeding my fish about once or twice a week and I have a lot less headaches than I used to. Cauliflower and broccoli bolted already? Must already be warm there. Time for hot weather plants maybe.

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