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Some satellite imagery along with pictures and video from around my house during the tropical thunderstorms that happened Sept. 13th 2011. There was about this much water when it rained on the 10th as well.

I made the video around 5 p.m. and the water had been at an impassable level since 9 a.m. Its a little reduced now at 11 p.m. but still more than a foot of water, and that's just in my lane, it gets a good bit deeper in other lanes. Other parts of the city are completely inundated, I'm lucky that we had our house built on a higher plinth and have taken steps to ensure that the water can't get in, or at least as trouble getting in.

Credit where credit is due though, I had electricity through all of it, which was astounding, and on one level worrying, as with this level of flooding PMTs were bound to trip and feeder stations short out and so on, which did happen in numerous parts of the city, so someone should really have turned off the electricity.

Anyhow, leave a comment, rate and subscribe if you liked the video, thanks for watching :D

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