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A Specific Aquaponics Greenhouse in Nantes (Made by Matt -

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Comment by Matthew Chapman on October 21, 2013 at 6:12am

Hello Greg, I'm very pleased to hear you appreciate my efforts. Sadly the site does not belong to me, it was built for my client who lives about a two hour drive from my home in Poitier France. The design, build and install is all my own work and was created for the purpose of a teaching aid and to help self-sufficiency for my clients family. The greenhouse is 6m x 3.5m x 2m (19ft x 11ft x 6.5ft) approx and can sustain well over 200 plant sites.

I would be happy and grateful for you to share my pictures with your friends in the U.S. as I'm looking for more work within the aquaponics field and be willing to travel to do so, this I believe to be my true vocation and is certainly my passion. This is actually my first aquaponics build and though I'm completely satisfied with the quality and reliability I believe there is always room for improvement (the cabinetmaker in me).

I've added you and I'm grateful for your comments Greg

Yours, Matt.

Comment by Greg McCord on October 19, 2013 at 5:27pm
Hi Matthew. I Absolutely love your work. Of all the pictures on the Aquaponics gardening site, I have enjoyed yours the most. I suppose it's because your use of all the different growing techniques in a relatively small space. Your carpentry skills show through too in your media beds and fish tank. I saved all your pictures so I can show others as the proper way to build a Aquaponics system. I hope that is OK? I hope you will "friend" me on the Aquaponics Gardening community Home site. I really like to show others here in Atlanta, Georgia. USA your work. Please send us up dates when they are available. Warmest regards. Greg McCord.

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