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This is my Aquaponics system 3 with a huge brocolli plant, some carrots, swiss chards, peppers, onion, tomatoe. I am in jeddah saudi arabia..who would have t...

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Comment by Yusuf Mario Germino on March 26, 2012 at 10:27am

hi @dave   ... fermented fruit juice is:

1 kg of good quality fruits

1 kg brown sugar or molasses

1 ltr of water

cut the fruits and mix with sugar and water, put in a container, cover with cloth, set aside in a cool dark place for a week.  after the fermentation, strain.  use the liquid as foliar spray or water to plants.  2tbsp/1 ltr of water.  i never used any other additional supplement on my system but was able to grow healthy vegetables and they fruited too, because supplements like chelated iron or sea weed extract is impossible to find here in saudi arabia so i had to do with whatever is easily available, a month ago i was able to bring some worms, coming back from my vacation in the philippines, they seem to be doing well and growing, God willing i could have a colony and be able to share it to others... so they can grow organic vegetable garden here 

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