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This is an updated tour of the aquaponic and hydroponic systems in the classroom. The cherry tomatoes and lettuces are about 10 weeks old from seed. Middle school and high school students care for the systems and assume daily maintenance. Once we harvest all of these crops, the systems will come down and the students will work in small teams to make their own mini-systems to grow only a handful of specific plants organically. Part of the design challenge will be for students to find and introduce organic nutrients to the hydroponic systems they design (no fish), rather than using Flora gro/micro/bloom - which are manufactured liquid fertilizers made specifically for hydroponics. Students assigned an aquaponic system will rely on fish waste, of course.

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Comment by Yusuf Mario Germino on September 8, 2011 at 1:42am
for the hydroponics, they can try using FPJ or FFJ (fermented plant/fruit juice), in my short experience, these concoction when sprayed are well loved by AP plants with no side effect on the fish, worth checking out

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