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At 7:17pm on October 8, 2012, Craig Hannaford said…

Found me ibc today for free got it cleaned upcut the top to where I want it so I'm starting to build the tables tomorrow for the beds.

At 10:06am on October 8, 2012, Craig Hannaford said…

 like to have 2 but one will work got the layout of how I'm building it.Using the ibc for a fish tank which will overflow into 2 to3 beds that are foot and a half by eighty inches then to a sump tank ,which will be pump into a bio filter then to the tank.

At 9:17am on October 8, 2012, Craig Hannaford said…

I'm still in the process of building ,actual gathering stuff up to build.Trying to find some Inc totes . I got a fellow in waycross that has some I might go get if I cann't find any around here.

At 1:53pm on October 3, 2012, John Carpenter said…

You're really close by -- if you can spare the time in mid to late October, we sure would like to see your setup.  Thanks.

At 2:23pm on July 20, 2012, Bob said…


 No I am not up yet, I am regrouping and starting smaller.  I really love the concept but don't know what I am doing yet.

At 4:52pm on June 14, 2012, David Schwinghamer said…

Constant flood and drain means you have a small drain hole and your input is enough to sustain water in the growbed at all times? At what depth does the water stay at?

At 12:58pm on May 22, 2012, Bob said…


What is the best tasting fish to stock a small NE GA pond?  The Pond is in a field with cows, spring fed and 5 feet at the deepest point and 40 feet across.

At 10:25am on September 12, 2011, Carey Ma said…

Hey dude, you got some interesting ideas going on there. I'd love to know more.



At 10:18am on June 2, 2011, Jay Wolf said…

Good Morning Sir,


Just wanted to send you a note to say I am still alive.  Been swamped trying to get investor money, but hopefully things will turn soon.  Hope all is well!!!!



At 7:09am on April 13, 2011, Jay Wolf said…

Hey Chris,


How did the delivery turn out?  Let me know when you have time.


Take Care,



At 1:05pm on April 1, 2011, Ruckus Esteban said…

Hey Neighbor,


The eventual goal is to cover the entire pool and build out a commercial scale system that will use the full space available. I am taking baby steps though.  I have covered the shallow end, have two small test systems up (1 media, 1 dwc), and am working towards a larger system with a few IBC totes.


If you are ever around town, I would love to bounce ideas off you. I'll keep you in mind next time I'm headed north.


All the best,

At 3:01pm on March 28, 2011, Chi Ma said…
Where's Waldo?
At 8:37am on November 10, 2010, TCLynx said…
Cool, would love to hear more about it then!
At 7:16am on November 10, 2010, TCLynx said…
I've never figured out how to reliably tell male and female channel catfish apart and to try breeding in such small tanks, I think you would have to be certain you were putting a proper pair together. Catfish don't mature till 3-5 years in age and by then they could be really big fish. The one I kept for two years (which means it was probably three years old) weighed in at 10 lbs.
At 7:17am on November 9, 2010, TCLynx said…
Is it just one IBC you have as a fish tank? Seems like a lot of fish if so.
At 12:35pm on October 29, 2010, Sylvia Bernstein said…
Hi Chris,

Thanks for joining the Aquaponic Gardening community! I hope you find it a fun place to explore aquaponics. There is a real blend of experienced and new aquapons in this community, so please don’t hesitate to join in. Always thrilled to have experienced growers join us – please post some photos of your system!

A great place to start is to read the How to Use This Site link on the upper right corner, “Start Here” section of the Main page.

Please add a photo of yourself and participate!

Thanks again for joining us, and I look forward to getting to know you.


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