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At 8:23pm on September 27, 2012, Julie kirkwood said…
Hi Jesse. I see you've been using iGrow induction lights. Have you only tested them on a small scale, or have you installed them on a large scale? Are you using them as a primary or secondary light source? What is your opinion on the capital cost of them? Do you believe the claims that they have the fastest return on investment of any lighting source?
Thanks for any insight you can provide!
At 10:24pm on June 18, 2012, Mona Miller said…

Hi Jesse Thanks for asking to be friends. Please check out our Branson Aquaponic Garden and Educational Center plan for Branson Missouri.

At 2:59pm on December 26, 2011, Chris Schup said…

Jesse, thanks for the invite. Looking forward to following your discussions. 

At 8:41am on October 19, 2011, AJ Grottke said…

Hey man!  Its been awhile.  I sent you a quick message  through your website the other day, not sure if you got it or not.  Ive been really busy running the mushroom farm, and im sure youve been busy too.  Id love to get updated on new things youve done.  We should really meet up soon.  Message or email me,



At 2:48pm on September 28, 2011, Bas de Groot said…

Hi Jesse,


Their is much going on we are working hard to open our first Urban Farm in Rotterdam (target 20 locations in 5 cities in 5 year) Great, but a very bumpy road that took 2,5 years. The Netherlands is a bit more difficult to get things done in the states. The quality  of your produce have to be from a high quality, prices are low, reculations are very strikt etc etc. (and employees get more money)

But as I said we are going to start and that is a great feeling.

Our fist location will be including field crop in selfcreated, soffruit in semi-hydro, doublegoal chicken  and Aquaponics. Selling threw baskets, restaurants and our own retail and restaurant.  The money is fixed and the builders are starting on the location. in november we have our first jobintervieuws .

to see some pictures go to /


How are you and moly doing I see that you have start your own Aquaponics business.


A nice thing to know is that we work with charlie and a dutch aquaculture organisation on a new AP system wher we can work with different tempatures (fish/plan) and different flows. to get a more ideal environment for the llettuce / herb that are our main focus (fish is hard to sell over here)


br Bas

At 6:30pm on September 27, 2011, TCLynx said…
I'm glad you were able to stop by.  Haven't had too much time for rest though.  Got home and started working on the plumbing for adding in the expansion of the tower system.  Finally got that all glued together today.  Was hoping the tower delivery would be today but there is still tomorrow.  Hopefully will have that going full tilt come mid October.  Spent an hour in the tree tonight cutting down more lufa and will be washing them tomorrow as I wait to see if the towers are going to come in.
At 9:26am on September 22, 2011, Mario Spatafora said…

Hey Jesse,

Great times.  Next week works for us, hopefully you got one of our numbers in Florida but if not just email and we'll figure out the details.  See ya soon.

At 9:39pm on July 25, 2011, Murray Hallam said…
Hi Jesse,......likewise.
At 12:12pm on March 31, 2011, Calvin Schmidt said…

Hey Jesse, quick question, what was the size of the building Sweet Water started in? (sqft). Also, how much fishtank would you say you started with(gallons)?




At 11:08am on February 3, 2011, Rick Garcia said…

Hey Jesse,

My name is Rick Garcia i'm from Denver, I was checking out your page and saw a picture of Emanuelle. I met him at Growing Power during the CUA workshops, he took us to Sweetwater. Cool real cool. Im working on small home size systems, of course everyplace has its challenges, but with much collaboration with folks like JD Sawyer and others in our area we are working towards making this a viable means of food production in our area. I am also looking at the larger more established producers such as SweetWater, Growing Power and Friendly Aquaponics as model of what we can become.

Your input and advice can go along way. 

                                                       Thanks Rick

                                                     The Urban Farm


 pass this on to Emanuelle too    Right on

At 8:21am on January 16, 2011, Janet Fox Driscoll said…
At 10:06am on July 23, 2010, Nate Storey said…
I should say that Mike's had a lot of trouble getting them to work in his aquaponic system- for non-recirc. hydroponics they work pretty good.
At 10:05am on July 23, 2010, Nate Storey said…
That'd be great Jesse, I'm excited to see how it turns out for you. Talk with Mike Cosmo before you go Vertigro- he's had a lot of trouble with them. What's the Wisconsin product you're going to use? Not to bother you, but I'm really interested in other tower products.
At 7:52am on July 20, 2010, Nate Storey said…
your system sounds amazing Jesse! What are you doing for vertical planting? I'd love to see pictures!
At 7:34am on July 20, 2010, Mike Walters said…
Not a bad place at all. Let me know when you need some help, I would be more than happy to lend my services.
At 7:00pm on July 11, 2010, Sylvia Bernstein said…
Hi Jesse,

I'm thrilled to have you as part of our community! I'm a huge fan of what you guys are doing at Sweetwater, and was very impressed with your presentation in the aquaponics webinar at IOE.

I hope you find it a fun place to explore aquaponics. There is a real blend of experienced and new aquapons in this community, so please don’t hesitate to join in. Always thrilled to have experienced growers join us – please post some photos of your system!

If you are interested in a forum or blog topic, but don’t want to join in right away, just check the “follow” box to be notified whenever there is activity on that subject.

Here is a quick video that will guide you through some of the unique attributes of a Ning community Please participate!

Thanks again for joining us, and I look forward to getting to know you.


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