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At 7:38am on June 14, 2013, Rochelle Hopkins said…
How to get information on airlift system?
At 7:04pm on April 7, 2013, lobocigr said…

so is there any parts list or plans other than the pdf?

which air pump do you use/recommend?

At 1:58am on December 19, 2012, joe williams said…

hi i was told by another member that u set up a aquaponics in the philipines. would like to talk to about what u used..

At 9:33pm on October 2, 2012, Dennis Glover said…
Hi Glenn, I'm interested in getting your plans also. I'm interested in putting a raft into the system similar to what was in one of your videos that you showed during your conference presentation.

At 6:21pm on August 6, 2012, Gary Puhl said…

I was watching your videos with Senator ?. I was interested in the 28 watt air pump that could be run on the solar cell. I would like specifics of the hardware and where could I get them. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am a snow bird. I live in Michigan. summers and Florida, winters. This winter I will be setting up AP system. 

I joined Maui group because I have a one week timeshare around Halloween. So every two years, I visit for two weeks. I would like to visit some AP systems.


At 3:05pm on July 2, 2012, Jim Hall said…

I've been watching the videos as time allowed with grandkids visiting. Drawback was I had to download each video. Even with a cable connection, it would download, play and then download if I tried to stream it. So it's taken more time to assemble the library to watch them. I've done some of the tests, but mostly just watching the videos. With active systems, I tend to go for the meat and potatoes of the subjects to apply to my working systems.
Good stuff and wish everything was more centrally located online last year when I jumped into this. Getting there though.

At 5:05pm on May 31, 2012, Sylvia Bernstein said…

Hey, Glenn.  Great to hear from you.  I"m sending you an email this afternoon about the conference.  Looking forward to catching up...good god you have been busy! 

At 5:19am on May 17, 2012, Paul Trudeau said…

Hi Glenn, just FYI, construction of my system based on your "tray-ponics" ideas is coming along.  See  I'm ever grateful!

At 5:23am on March 31, 2012, Carey Ma said…

Hi Glen,

Welcome to our lil site. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

I was wondering if you have access to Master Cho's people to donate a one of their books to me. I understand the process and have been making my own brews and teas for years but find it nice to have books for reference from true authorities.


At 8:54pm on March 29, 2012, Paul Trudeau said…

Glenn, welcome!  Hope this site is useful to you.  Your videos (both the free one and the ones with the paid course) on the University of Hawaii site are FANTASTIC!  Thanks - you've helped me so much!  Best wishes in all your endeavors.

At 10:37am on March 29, 2012, Gina Cavaliero said…

Welcome Glenn!

Thanks for joining the Aquaponic Gardening community!  Normally Sylvia would be welcoming you, but she is vacationing in Japan and I playing the welcoming committee in her absence.  I will let her know you joined.  I'm sure she will be excited as am I.  Check out the “How to Use This Site” link on the upper right corner or the “Start Here” section of the Home page if you need any direction navigating here.   

I've been meaning to reach out to you and say hi and am hoping we will meet this year in Colorado.  We have more than just aquaponics in common.  I Parelli too and I loved that you shared your horse's horsenalities in your video.  My girl is a draft cross LBI (no big surprise there!) and my mini is LBE/I and if she was a more than a mini, I'd have my hands full!  Lol.  

Thanks again for joining and looking forward to getting to know you.

Best regards,

Gina Cavaliero

Green Acre Organics/Aquaponics Association

Thanks again for joining us, and I too look forward to getting to know you too. See you around the site!

Gina Cavaliero

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