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At 8:33am on January 16, 2012, George T said…

Sorry MG.  Didn't see your friend request until today.  I hope all is well with you.


At 9:24am on October 15, 2011, Greg McCord James Pahn said…
Hello Mad German! Thank you for your response. Yes I would like to call you when I get closer to that time. Were still building the green house right now. It will be a 20' X 30' That should be finished in the next 45 days or so if finances hold up. We hope to use a Hybrid mix starting with a media gravel grow bed that would flow into 24' long DWC floating raft ponds. The Media beds would be the solids filter so to speak with the bell siphon. I suppose this would be on a timer as you said. We want to be a small time commercial farm to sell Lettuce and other veggies to the local farmers market and a host of other restaurants. We have a 2.38 acer farm that has well water here. Electricity is the greatest problem because we already have several Koi ponds and fountains on our property. Were sort of maxed out on our power capabilities unless we were to install a larger panel inside our house. I prefer not to do this as my power bill already exceeds $275 to $300 a month.
      I would love to build a "Off the Grid" system or close to it if possible. I really like all of the "green" technology and being a fully sustainable grow system that would set an example that I could maybe show Schools and other county and state officials. If you show the owners of the local restaurants this type set up, they would be more willing to buy your produce over some mega farm in Mexico or central America. ;)) Greg McCord
At 9:39am on August 13, 2011, Growzay said…

Thanks for the friend~> Your intellect & experience is very helpful in many ways!

I'll be learning alot just by following your comments :)

At 10:33pm on August 11, 2011, Frank De Block-Burij (hygicell) said…

nice compact system you have!

may I suggest you drill some extra holes in the tubes for better aeration?

to make it even more solar you could also add a solar chimney

that is a chimney that is blackened on the sunny side and insulated on the backside

it wil suck lots of extra air through the roots



At 6:20am on August 11, 2011, David Owens said…
Do you have any problems with algae growing in your clear tank? My water clarity is a bit cloudy. I have wrapped my FT with insulation to insulate the tank and block out what little sunlight reaches the tank but the clarity is nowhere near as clear as some peoples photos? I would love to be able to see my Tilapia a bit better...especially when showing off my system to new people as they are very curious how fish can grow plants
At 6:16am on August 11, 2011, David Owens said…
Thanks. I ran a small solar panel system in California with 4, 40watt panels, an inverter and a marine battery...but we had sunshine! Here in Michigan there are so many storms and  trees that my crops are not getting the amount of daily sun I would like. That said I will probably be asking for assistance getting a solar setup designed to run my pumps ( One 1800gph and one 520gph pump) in the spring. I love the idea of your small system being simple and portable though! It seems to be a great small system for people to help supplement their food needs and learn how to grow their own food anywhere. The temperature is getting a bit cooler daily up here so I will begin experimenting with compost and bio mass heat inside my hoophouse soon...I'll keep you posted
At 9:14am on August 8, 2011, David Owens said…
Great setup! I would also like to get my system running on solar and possibly wind power. Your goldfish are huge! Pretty cool!
At 9:10am on August 8, 2011, David Owens said…
Thanks for the comment. This is my first year working with Aquaponics so I am experimenting with rafts and media beds. Soon, I will tackle the winter issues and hope to expand my hoophouse with some vertical towers to get a larger yield. I used to live in California where the winters were much milder and I played with organic dirt farming, NFT and hydroponics. AP sounded like the "natural" medium I have been searching for and I am working on using it to feed my family and friends sustainably with the resources we have. I'll keep everyone posted with the trials of winter AP production here in the great lakes .
At 7:37am on August 8, 2011, TCLynx said…
Yea, the catfish cakes are much like crab cakes.  My other Half, John is the cook though so I don't really know the details.  We have also smoked catfish and then used it like tuna in sandwiches or made dip with it like one might make smoked salmon dip.  Catfish cut into little nuggest and fried can substitute for chicken or pork in many asian dishes like sweet and sour in my opinion too.
At 1:01am on August 8, 2011, Jon Nose said…
Thank you for the kind comment .. still a work in progress ..
At 11:47pm on August 7, 2011, Gina Cavaliero said…
Hey Mad German.  Thanks for the friend request! 
At 3:02am on August 7, 2011, Carey Ma said…

Sorry no grad, just attended at Lansing for a stint. 

OK, although there is nothing technical showing and wanted to use then for the clean lines, (a sign of true craftsmanship), I understand and wont use your pics. 


I freely condemn capitalism and anything to do with big business (thus constantly broke) but am enough of a hypocrite not to turn down every chance of making money. I admit I am not a good businessman and can use all the help I can get. I am currently working with a patent attorney for my own systems but would be even better if we could set this up internationally. Please let me know how I can help, your overall plan and how we both come out smelling like fresh roses.

At 8:26pm on August 6, 2011, Carey Ma said…

Hello Mr Mad German,

I'm originally a Hoosier, from Etna Green & Kokomo In, living in communist China. 


I have a small problem that I know you can help with. My situation is that I have moved to a new location and don't have any pictures of a nice system. I was wondering if it is possible for you to let me use your pics as an example of small educational system. I promise not to use your pics for personal gain or "steal" your technology in any form or fashion. This will strictly be used to promoted urban AP education.


I just met a top official in charge of urban land use in Beijing and will set up another meeting as soon a I am able to produce another proposal/ presentation.


Thank you in advance for you help and cooperation.


At 4:31pm on August 6, 2011, Sylvia Bernstein said…

Welcome Mr. Mad ;-)
Thanks for joining the Aquaponic Gardening community!  I hope you find it a fun place to explore aquaponics.  There is a real blend of experienced and new aquapons in this community, so please don’t hesitate to get in there and start asking questions.  Everyone is quite happy to help out new members – no question is too basic.  

A great place to start is to read the “How to Use This Site” link on the upper right corner, “Start Here” section of the Home page.  You might also find the “Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb” guidelines helpful.

Please participate and check in with us every day!  We are constantly posting news about aquaponics and the good food movement.

Thanks again for joining us, and I look forward to getting to know you.


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