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Kobus Jooste's Blog – May 2011 Archive (2)

Mixed Aquaponic system philosophy

I'm going to add this as a blog and discussion in the group, but thought that I might get some more ideas if it is "out there" in the whole group.


It struck me the other day that we have pieced together a lot around mixed aquaponic design without dedicating any discussion to the thinking behind mixed aquaponic systems at all.  A picture of my system, ever evolving, adorns the group page but what is it all about really?


Well, to start off with, here what it is…


Added by Kobus Jooste on May 14, 2011 at 11:04am — 4 Comments

Two steps forward, one look back

Chatting to some friends recently about aquaponics, I re-visited some thoughts that were shared on the forum some months ago.  They are also from an academic background, and we were lamenting how difficult it was to get any type of support out of these places without the institutions immediately wanting to corner IP, and not push the technology forward.  I told them how wonderful it was that AP is developing through forums like this one.  Over here, you can watch new member’s systems develop…


Added by Kobus Jooste on May 1, 2011 at 2:44am — 4 Comments

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