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Exterior auto siphon. These things are trouble free, easy to make and work great.

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Comment by Bob Terrell on August 8, 2013 at 3:39am

seems simple enough  thanks

Comment by Tradewind on August 7, 2013 at 10:30pm

Tell you guys what I will do.  I will take one apart and take pictures if you do not get my explanation.  It really is very simple though and you only have one modification to make.  I am always trying to find a better way and this is one I dreamed up.  You will need a 2" tee to tie into your grow bed.  My grow head has a 11/4 bulk head so I have I 2" Tee with one 1 1/4 inlet.  In the bottom of the Tee is a bushing to go from the 2" to the 3/4".  This is the only piece you will need to modify.  You can do it with a dremel tool or something like it or just a round file.  There is a little lip inside the bushing that prevents one from pushing a pipe all the way through.  You have to remove that little lip.  Just the lip and do not take anymore off.  Now you can put a pipe in the bottom and push it all the way up. But it is best to put a short piece in the bottom and on the top of the bushing  a 3/4" union.  Then another pipe to complete the stand pipe.  That way you can adjust the height by working with that little piece of stand pipe.  On top of the 3/4" stand pipe I have a little 3/4  slip to 1" thread adapter to make a little bell top, though you probably do not need it. .  The rest is what you see a short piece of 2" pipe and a cap.  It connects to the tank 2" from the bottom so it leaves 2" of water in the grow bed when the siphon is broken as the water drains to that point.  The siphon starts when the water tops the stand pipe as it reaches 2" short of the top of the grow bed,   This is adjusted by how high the stand pipe is.  That all there is to it.  The little elbows are just to connect it to the 2" drain line back to the sump.  It is not fussy at all and can service without disturbing your grow bed.  Nothing is glued. The top of my my stand pipe and little bell top is actually inside the cap.  So you do not need much head room.  An additional advantage is that it can serve the purpose as an over flow by simply removing the cap and bell, if you you remove everything down to the union then it will just flow through and you never have to take it off to do that.  It looks really cool, but it is actually very simple. The way I see it, simple is good.

Comment by Bob Terrell on August 7, 2013 at 9:48pm

ok tradwind, more info on the internals

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