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The MaxGFX V-Tower begins with a 42" long section of 4" diameter PVC drain pipe. Feel free to use your own judgment here, but I personally prefer to cut a 1" slot down one side where the manufacturer's stamp appears. If you want to use a smaller slot, that's your choice. I use 1" because I want a lot of oxygen to be able to get to the roots and media in order to prevent anaerobic bacteria from colonizing, and because the tube squeezes together on its own and shrinks the slot down to about 3/4" anyway. I also do this with a jigsaw rather than a table saw. If you choose to try it with a table saw, you will quickly understand why I choose to take the long way around the block and use a jigsaw in two passes to create the slot.

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Comment by Max Gfx on March 1, 2014 at 2:53pm

Really not much of any "research" on my part. Various hydroponic marijuana growers who posted videos on YouTube, the engineers at Matala, and of course - Nate Storey, did all of the actual research. I just combined everything from everybody and made a basic how-to for an inexpensive and easy to build tower planter. Never compared one side-by-side with a ZipGrow tower, so I can't say that either one works better than the other. I just know that these work perfectly fine for me in both of my systems.

Comment by John Malone on March 1, 2014 at 2:37pm

This is very slick.  Might just have to make myself a brace of these.  

Thanks for the research, testing and clear instructions.

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