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I have nine vertigo stacks (6-7 pots per stack). There isn't much growing at the moment due to the Florida Summer heat. The stacks can each grow 24-28 plants and erin into a media bed below. I use coconut chips for my grow media in the pots.

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Comment by Ron Thompson on July 27, 2012 at 4:11pm

The stacks are hanging. I don't have any diagrams but if you have Vertigro already, I can describe the technique and what you will need (essentially 1.2" PVC, 12 gauge wire, and a pipe hanger). I takes about 5 minutes per stack to convert them to hanging. My media beds are flood and drain - inside the 3" PVC pipe you see is a 1" line with 4 1/4" holes in it. The water fills the bed and overflows into the pipe for 15 minutes. When it shuts off, the water continues to drain through the drilled holes until empty. The drain pipe comes through the bottom of the media bed using a rubber gasket seal. It is easy but it does mean plumbing every bed - if I had known, I would have down the rail beds that TCLYNX has developed. They are more space efficient and not a great deal more expensive once you figure in the cost of all the 1" & 2" PVC fittings; plus it is far easier to do. I suggest you look at her rail beds. The other thing to be aware of it the hanging rail needs to be very well supported as the wet vertigo pots are quite heavy. If you need to see a different part or have questions, just ask and I'll try to explain better or show a different picture.

Comment by Brandon nardoianni on July 27, 2012 at 9:17am

Thats pretty awesome, how do you do the plumbing to the pots.  Are the flood and drain or constant flood.  Do you have any diagrams possibly?  I would like to do something similar to this to utilize space in my Greenhouse

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