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This is my experimental vermiponics flow-through system. A solar-powered pump pulls water up to the top planter from the red basin below. Hydroponic tubing trickles the water into the buckets below, until reaching the grey bucket near the bottom, which contains about 1.5 pounds of red wiggler composting worms. Small holes in that bucket let the water fall back down into the red basin, which contains a few guppies to eat mosquito larvae. I don't feed them, but I do put kitchen scraps and rabbit poo into the top of the grey bucket holding the worms.

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Comment by Homefire on June 14, 2011 at 2:15pm

Hi Amy,

Very cool system. Does water trickle through the worm bucket continuously?  How are they doing with that? 

My worms are getting more established in the gravel now.  I hope that they will become the sole source of Nitrate for the plants. 




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