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This is my original setup. I started with four vertical stacks (those in the back)in 2009. I added the row in the front in 2010 which hang above a long media bed. This full system was moved and replaced in June/July 2012.

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Comment by Ron Thompson on July 5, 2012 at 8:17pm

I planted both strawberries and peppers in the new stacks shown in the October 2010 photo. Those plants are still going strong.

One issue that recently came up - slugs are living in the basket media. I'm trying to figure that issue out now.

Comment by Steve Bradbury on July 5, 2012 at 8:02pm

Thanks for getting back so quick on this.  I gotcha on how you altered them.....we liked the idea of the styro insulation factor on these when we 1st saw them...they had strawberries going into mid July when we went to the test facility.....pretty amazing with the heat down here.

Look forward to the new pics

Take care-


Comment by Ron Thompson on July 5, 2012 at 5:14pm

The only issue I've had is the media. I am using coconut chips (not coir) and it breaks down somewhat in about a year but that isn't a vertigo issue really. I like the pots as opposed to PVC for a few reasons, some are: 

1) it is insulated from heat and cold, both can be issues otherwise

2) you can grow stuff in them that aren't really feasible in PVC (cabbage and peppers come immediately to mind)

3) you can easily switch out plants whenever you want, just pull the old and put the new one in - all of 30 seconds

PVC has some strong points too but not enough to switch me. The pots are cheap too and easy to add just one if you want.

I have altered them somewhat - I did away with the top basket and bottom collection pot. My baskets are now hanging (you can see it in the photo) over media beds. The water flows through the pots into the bed and then siphons back to the fish. Each stack of seven pots is hanging from the top pole using pipe hooks from Lowes. The hook attaches with a length of 12 gauge insulated wire, the baskets are fitted in 3/4" pvc and that is run through with 1/2" pvc rather than electric conduit. At the bottom I simply drilled through the 1/2" PVC, ran the same electrical wire through it and slipped the vinyl basket plate down the pole where the bottom wire stops it. It is simpler than it sounds, really..

I just finished moving my setup today into a slightly nicer arrangement. I'll be posting images in a few days.

Comment by Steve Bradbury on July 5, 2012 at 4:07pm

How are the vertigro pots working out for you Ron? I want to stick in some vertical stuff, but am tossing around doing PVC tubes, or these .

We took a tour of their farm over in Bellview (?) , and were pretty impressed by what we saw there

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