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Comment by Rick Welland on May 14, 2012 at 9:05pm

Glad you were able to have a look at our design..Been really busy..Exciting times..lots of 'finishing up' going on..note the green house roof- since it goes up the hill thinking to incorporate dehydrator racks a bit higher up than in the drawing- with good controlled ventillation on the north wall- know anyone that has tried that?

We like the pontoon system re the floats- anyone you know tried it that way? Plants 2" above water sounds good.

Taking your advice below re the controlled flow fish pond in the drawing above to cycle thru the growing trays. Was going to do a pond liner on that one anyho- and keep it shallow so the water will be warmer for tilapia..(the lower fish ponds will be just that- maybe help feed a few people if things get lean and mean..)

When I saw your lovely 'ferriswheel' aquaponics growing machine and read that you received little feedback on such a great effort I empathized..Convinced that denial will reign surpreme till the axe falls and the heads roll. We talk about 100% sustainable as a goal and the eyes glaze over..just about no one wants to think about the whys and wherefores of true sustainability. They will maybe- when its too late..

Will be cranking up 1 of our 2 digesters soon..Plan the outflow to a wetlands-probably will use watercress. Other suggestions re a wetlands before the digester water goes into the fish pond? We are so far 7.5 alkaline vegans which makes a nice difference to the digester.

I see Will Allen is getting into digesters also..Hows your neat design working out? Hope selling well.

Did you ever get a look at our blog?

cheers mate.. (have a kiwi passport so can say that..)

Comment by Carey Ma on May 14, 2012 at 7:03am

Very good design man.

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