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Aeration system installed, consisting of
ActiveAqua AAPA110L Commercial Grade Air Pump, 112 Watts, 4.5 Kgs, 110Lpm e/w 12 port adjustable valve manifold.

12/ea TopFin 12" air stones.

The air stones are mounted radialy attached to the net for good aieration coverage.

The 12 air stones seem to fully utilize the high air flow with out choking the pump outlet.

I am sure this is over-kill, but my plan is to maintain an adult population of 70 Tilapia (1 per 10 Gal.) to support my 6 grow beds. I also plan to use this as a grow out tank for juveniles started in my aquarium. My intended maximum is 140 fish (1 per 5 Gal.) but with the high capacity air supply I suspect I can handle a commercial population of 1 per 2 Gal.

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