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My home pool on the roof

The advantage of aquaponics making the roof

1.Utilize transpiration of plants to cool the heat energy that can take away most.
2.It utilize it produce by vegetables only (pluck fresh not transporting)
3.Protect the original waterproof layer of the floor
4.The pond hinders mud shock attenuation when there is a earthquake.
5.Horticulture soul is relaxed
6.Can raise the koi and goldfish in water. Needn't water. Needn't weed.
7.To build Water system cost is cheap than soil system
8.An expert who raises kio in Taiwan sees my fish are very surprised. Because he always thinks the depth of water wants more than 1.5 meters to bring the fish up. But such depth is dangerous to children. So has changed his idea, in fact the wide scope of the water body can raise out the big fish.

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