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Adjustable shelving converted to double decker growbed

Behold! My double-decker growbed with built-in trellis. I made this with $80 adjustaboe shelving, 1 sheet of $6 plywood, 34 sq ft of liner at $8 and 6 feet of 1/2 flexible tubing at $3. screws bolts washers and "T"s for the tubing completed it. misc other parts probably add to $3.00 for a grandtotal of $100. I hope to grow lots of peas and beans in this :) Maybe I will grow some cantaloupe inside. The way this works is, when the outside system is done and ready to pump the water back to the pond, i divert it inside through these beds. I plan to fill the beds with coconut shell mulch which is a wonderful neutral growing medium. I happen to have a tiled florida room with a doggie door opening next to the deck which allows me to run some tubing inside. Crazy, I know :P No wife to stop me :D

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Comment by Sahib Punjabi on September 19, 2010 at 6:59pm
Nice :-)

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