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Comment by the mad german on December 21, 2011 at 12:23am

1 thing I would change, is the 1/2" pvc pipe for the hoop house and go to 3/4". I had no problems with it as far as wind went and it weathered every summer storm without a problem being I didn't have the ends enclosed so the winds and air just passed right through it without a problem,  3/4" is just less flimsy.



Comment by the mad german on December 20, 2011 at 11:56pm

Sorry about the delayed response, been off the wall busy.

Yeah the cups work well, I started out with just 3-5 holes in each cup with a 1/4" bit. But found the more holes the merrier. If you can drill 10-30 holes per cup it's even better and keeps the plant roots from trying to squeeze out just a few holes. The holes in the pvc I believe were 4" used with a hole saw bit, or a little bigger than 4 maybe 4 1/8" I forget.

The only thing I would do diffferant outdoors is use a clear vinyl, being that UV rays break down the clear plastic after about 4 months, so I need to change the plastic twice a year. I also insulated the upper tank because of algae growth, and will probably insulate the lower one for cold weather growth next year (to busy this year), probably the only thing I would do differant is make a solar water heater so I could start in march and run until december with the lower tank being insulated and enclose the ends, but I got a late start on it and didn't need to enclose it and have since emptied it for storage.

I'm probably going to get rid of or sell it, so I can go bigger, but it all depends on my time, I've been extremely busy, thus the reason for the delayed response of which I apologize and will be checking in more often.


Thanks, hope that helps


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