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Welcome to the Aquaponic Gardening Community!

To learn the basics of Ning community navigation I suggest watching this excellent video - Here are a few other tips and thoughts that are specific to our site.


  • Community Guidelines - Please start by reading the Community Guidelines.  They are our code of conduct and everyone is asked to adhere to them.
  • Your Page - This is home-base for your interaction on Aquaponic Gardening Community. Here you can keep track of photos and videos you have posted, conversations with other members, and forum topics you are tracking. You can personalize the look of your page through the Manage My Page / Appearance option, or add your choice of Apps. Please post an image of yourself and make your page your own!  You can also customize some privacy settings to limit who sees your profile page and content if you want to.  Click here - Privacy Settings - to see how to do that.
  • Introduce your system! - Start a topic in System Introductions and tell us about your system. Add photos and keep us updated as your system develops. Since aquaponics is known to be addictive we know that this is only the beginning!

  • Forum Discussions - Forums are where questions and topics about aquaponics can be asked and answered. You can keep track of new postings to forum topics that interest you by selecting "Follow" at the bottom of a forum page or by joining in on the conversations. Don't want to miss out whenever a new topic is started? Select the Forum tab at the top, go to the bottom of the categories list and click on "Follow". You will get an email each time a new topic is started. Anyone can post a new forum topic - give it a try! Just click the "+Add" button in the top right corner of the Forums page.  But be sure to categorize your forum post so we can keep things tidy and organized in here.
  • Chat - Just feel like chatting?  Join in!  Enter your comment in the box and hit 'Enter' to join the conversation.  Or chat privately with someone by clicking on their name.  But if you want to turn off the notification sound you can do so with the volume slider next to the smiley face.  You can also pop-out the chat box with the Pop-out button in the upper right corner.
  • Groups - These are self-selecting sub-communities that are focused on specific aquaponic interests (e.g. Tilapia Growers), your location (e.g. Colorado Aquapons). or your interest in aquaponics (e.g. Commercial Aquaponics). Within the groups you can start discussions and publicize events. They are like having a sub-community within the larger community.

  • Events - Find out what is going on in the aquaponics world, or let other's know about your aquaponics event. Post all the details, links, and photos related to the event and then track RSVPs and answer questions through the comments section. Events must be approved by the moderator.  Not-for-fee events directly related to aquaponics can be posted free of charge.  Events where a fee is charged, such as workshops and classes, can be advertised on this site for an advertising fee.  Click here for rates and to register your event.

  • Photos and Videos - Share photos and videos of your aquaponics system, and post your favorite aquaponics YouTube videos. Be sure to tag well so we can organize all of these at some point.

  • Monitoring Activity - There are a few ways to keep track of what is going on in this community. The home page lists the most recent forum posts and recent Group activities on the left side, and the most recent activity of any kind in the center section under the photos.  You can paste the URL for the RSS feed into your favorite reader to track activity there.

    • You can click on the LeaderBoards tab to see the most active forums, groups, members, etc.
    • You can even participate in the site via your smart phone! Simply type into the browser and voila... Aquaponics Everywhere!

Finally, please spread the word and help promote this site by pasting the code for the Community Badge on to your website.  Much appreciated! 
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