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Aquaponic Gardening Community Guidelines

BE YOURSELF Use a nickname or real name while here if possible. Be “Jane” and not “Ohio Aquaponics.” We love being on a first-name basis.

CIVILITY RULES If we want respect and civility to be the hallmarks of this community, we all have to strive to keep the feedback constructive. Treat each other with kindness.  (Borrowed from Seth Godin) "Here's a possible standard: is it open, fair and good for others? If it's not, the community asks that you take your selfish antics somewhere else."

STAY ON TARGET Off-topic, out-of-context, drive-by, cross-posted comments make it hard to follow a conversation. We sometimes remove them to keep the conversation structured and meaningful.

WE TIDY UP We move Forum discussions that look like they belong in a different category. We close duplicate discussions and point people to ongoing discussions about the same topic. We don’t intend to censor anyone, but we may remove a discussion, video, picture or replies in a discussion if they’re causing confusion, is mean-spirited, is about growing illegal plants, or are otherwise inappropriate. In general, we do our best to tidy up and make things easier to find.

PROMOTERS GET DEMOTED You have a great business! But this isn’t the place to solicit new customers. Please refrain from including promotional links, whether in comments or as a signature.  No advertising or other forms of Internet marketing allowed. The exceptions to this are The Aquaponic Source because, hey, we pay the bills around here. 

ATTACKERS WILL NOT BE DEFENDED It doesn’t happen very often, but we will remove people who harass other people. Personal attacks, insults, and unrelenting negativity won’t be tolerated on this site. Trolls will be ejected

NOBODY LIKES SPAM (EXCEPT SPAMMERS) What is spam? Spam is a noun: unsolicited ads and emails for products and services. Spam is a verb: posting the same message again and again to as many people as possible. Spam is a bad word. Don’t spam.  Spammers will be ejected, or worse...

From Texas member Larry J Fenn...

I strongly disagree with your method of 'best way to handle' spammers.  My preference would be to hold their heads under water for about 15 minutes.... so they can 1) help oxygenate the water, and 2) get a real good look at Aquaponics from the...bottom to speak! 

Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information about aquaponics is our top priority, and violating any of these guidelines may result in a suspension from the community. It rarely comes to that, though. The most important thing we ask of you, our fellow aquapons: Get involved! Tons of smart people help out here. Be one of them.


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