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Vertical High-Density Aquaponics Gardening Systems


Vertical High-Density Aquaponics Gardening Systems

There is now an extreme urgency in developing new systems to grow as much food in as little space as possible. The only problem with this is as man develops different systems they will develop less expensive methods but they will always sacrifice quality over cost, and I guarantee you this will be the case here.

Look at today’s Agricultural system, they genetically enhance the seeds to provide strategic mutations that kill or disarms pests or blight, they produce quantity in less acreage too. But the sad conclusion is that quality of the produce is extremely inferior to naturally occurring variants of Heirloom produce. Don’t believe me just take the taste test then! Also consider the fact that the Europeans will not even allow genetically manipulated produce or seeds into their countries.
I want to discuss and develop the knowledge, by engineering the systems that will be needed in the future to grow our food right where we live. I suspect that there are many of you out there that have a lot of great ideas but in some cases do not know how to develop them out to the conclusion. In my case I worked as an Industrial Control Electrician, my job description included doing engineering on the side to get our equipment running if that’s what it took. So this gives me the unique prospective of knowing what will work, and/or what won’t work.
I have already networked with other groups / individuals on several different systems on the market but they are very expensive and are directed toward Federal funding and or Educational venues. What we need is inexpensive and sustainable energy systems that utilize green energy to provide the majority of the power to run all the aspects of these projects.
If you are interested you must contribute, if anyone becomes a slacker, or just wants to feed off of us for good ideas you will be banned from this group, no exceptions at all.
If anyone is interested in exploring the possibilities of extending the barrier to which is possible in today’s world?

Please contact me and we will start putting together our ideas into a tangible and coherent synopsis.

A working knowledge of Google Sketch-up would be of a great help in developing the diagrams that will be generated. If anyone has the software program “Fish Farm”, this could provide the needed analysis; this would also be of big help to us. Development of a spreadsheet that will generate needed analysis is our goal, with all the information to put together as a scalable Aquaponics High Density Growing System. Ect…….


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I have been toying with the idea of creating a system that uses 6" or 4" PVC standing vertical pipe.Is there any similar ideas out there? Continue

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Comment by Douglas Wozniak on May 10, 2012 at 2:33pm

Comment by Brant Moore on May 10, 2012 at 9:59am

Douglas, I got here from reading "The Vertical Farm" by Dickson Depommier. I intend to form/join an urban food co-op that will eventually be aquaponic or aquaponic/hydroponic and multi-story, hopefully in re-purposed space. What I know about AP I've learned in the last two months, but I've been in construction for 20+ years, so I understand the complexities of a multi-story AP set-up. I think the advantages would be numerous. I plan to manage the construction of vertical farms, as the idea matures. Lastly, I'm interested in "container" AP setups, that could help establish jobs and food sources after natural/human-made disasters. I have my first grow bed up and running. Plants go in today, fish in two weeks. thanks for starting this group.


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