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Because we are all in zone 8 odds are some of use are located within a "short" drive. That said I am new to Aquaponics and trying to cram as much knowledge and advice in before I start my system as I want to start at a fair size, enough to support 6-8+ people for more then 50% of their needs. I would be willing to drive to see first had a working system and be able to be shown what some challenges are and be able to touch someone else work and maybe see the behind the picture tour of how it was made. Maybe even trade some fish / fingerlings or vegetables. If this does not sound to off the wall to you please add a general location so people can message you to see if a networking can be arranged.


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Birmingham Alabama willing to drive currently or meet to talk. I do not have a system currently.

I'm in Southeast Alabama near Dothan. I've got a small simple flood and drain media system with a 200 gallon tank and approximately 27 square feet of grow space. I've had my system running for about a year and a half and my tilapia just had their first babies.

I have plans on expanding my system to a 300 gallon tank, adding a sump tank (current tank buried with grow beds on top) and experimenting with DWC and a wicking bed. My current system is outside but I want to put the next one in a small greenhouse. In my limited experience I've found it takes much more attention to run an outside system in this climate because the heat and sun is near intolerable for the plants in summer, and last winter was brutal. With a greenhouse, one can drape a shade cloth over in the Summer and better maintain a functional temperature in Winter.

I have a raft system in my garage it has two 4x8 grow beds and a 300 gallon fish tank. Currently finishing up a 24 x 50 green house to move and expand my system and add two more grow beds to the system and add up to three more systems. I am around Huntsville AL .



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