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Hi there,

I'm new to the group, but just put in a permit request for yellow perch.  I'm excited, and can't wait to have a fish fry next year.

Anyhow, I tend to cycle different kinds of fish through my system in summer and winter, and vary the temperature a lot.  I've noticed, for example, that catfish grow great above 75, but slow down below that and stop eating at 50.  

Does anyone here have a sense as to the growth rate vs. temperature for yellow perch?


Jeremiah Robinson

Maple Bottom Aquaponics

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Hi Jeremiah-

Check out this document:

It has lots of information. I'm hoping to culture yellow perch as well if I can gather enough money to get some tanks.

Good luck.


Wow - this is great thanks!

If you're looking to raise perch in upstate NY, I'd recommend making your own tanks out of old freezers with windows cut in the top.  It takes a bit of work to convert them but it's cheap and they hold heat much better than the manufactured tanks.

Hi Jeremiah,

I am interested to hear how you made out with the Yellow Perch.

I also wanted to update the link below which no longer works. The new link is


John Stevenson


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