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Has anyone been successful putting a water reservoir deep in the ground? I would think this method would eliminate all evaporation. 

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I now understand your sketch and agree with you. Ive got a 2 year compost pile full of worms that I would like to try you idea with, I only see good things from it.

Here is an update picture of my corn wick bed. Some things that I discovered is that some of the corn stalks were having trouble standing up, probably because of the airy coir soil it was planted in. I fixed it with some sticky compost at the base. Another thing that I saw is that there is a lot of cucumber plants sprouting up, I didnt even plant it! 

Nice one Dave, my own progress has slowed right down again, but hoping to get some help from my brothers who are visiting for a few days. Great to see your Corn growing, gives me inspiration. Thanks for the tip regarding tap root support. I wonder if we will be using other support structures in the ground, lots of straws would add air, but would also dry out soil I guess. back to work..


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