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Vertical Aquaponics systems and methods to be taught at Florida Training

We will be covering in our workshops and in the field a variety of Vertical systems at the upcoming Training in Florida on Sept 16-19th. The Practical Aquaponics Florida Training will be held at the Farms of TCLynx and Sahib with classroom instruction at the Disney Doubletree Resort. 

ZipGrow towers for small and commercial farming

Vertigro & other stackable vertical growing components
Grow beds made of styrofoam or similar products that are stackable, thus enable vertical gardening. Made initial introduction into the Hydroponic world but can be easily adapted for Aquaponics. Numerous uses in Hybrid Urban Aquaponics.

Vertical Towers: Pocket
Babylone/ Tree of Life/ Sandwich/ Hanging baskets / Water bottles / Coconut shells
Grow Beds made from locally available products to increase growing area by utilizing vertical space. Numerous designs and configurations possible.
In addition to these compents we will be training on over 30 other methods.  Take a look at the curriculm at Practical Aquaponics in Florida

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I sure wish they would do this workshop again!


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