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I am looking for a few people that would be willing to take part in a small research study. Ideally, I would like to survey people who live in an urban community that have limited access to fresh produce. 

It is a fun task that doesn't take very long. Please let me know if you are interested or know of anyone who might be willing to participate!

Thanks- Elena

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Hi Elena,
I am living in Nonthaburi, a suburb of Bangkok. If I can help you (I could invite some friends living downtown Bangkok), pls let me know.
Cheers Werner
Bangkok might be a little out of my budget for me to send the packet. If you have any friends stateside who might be interested, I could use their input. I will keep you and your friends in mind, however, for later this semester if I need me help though. Thank you for volunteering though. I do really appreciate your interest!
What kind of commitment/effort are you looking for? I'm near DC.
It is just a three-day view into your day-to-day meals. I have a physical packet that I could send you with a disposable camera, or if you have access to a digital camera I could send you an electronic version of the study.

Meg Stout said:
What kind of commitment/effort are you looking for? I'm near DC.
You can go ahead and send me the electronic version of the study - stoutmtc at gmail yadda yadda.

Hi Elena,


I don't live in a food desert but was wondering if you have talked to the folks over at Growing Power in Milwaukee yet. They would be excited to hear about your project and help in any way.




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