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As a transplant from Maui, Hawaii to living along the Rogue River in Oregon, trout rather than Tilapia come to mind. Just curious on any latest stories successful or unsuccessful on trout in this area. I heard the Rogue River was almost too warm this year for the fish and have yet to visit any trout hatcheries to see what they are like. I don't know my long term plans, but do know people that would like to learn and try some small systems. Maybe trout is not the way to go. Can't imagine Tilapia would be welcome, despite temperatures.

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Hi Jim, I'd think trout would be a good choice for your area, but I had some trouble with them in a small (150 gallon FT) system. Seems like there are quite a few people here who grow them in 300 gallon containers, so you probably could make it work depending on how small you want to go.


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