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What are you using to feed your trout?  When I had mine I used Ranchway Trout Chow....

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Purina Trout chow. They also get the occasional grasshopper and nightcrawler... :-)
Bio Trout by Bio Oregon. It is an excellent quality feed. I am getting unbelievable growth. It pays to use high quality feed!

48% protein, 10% fat Zeigler


Watch feedin gto many insect as they are vector for parasites.

I am feeding my 50 fingerlings about 4 tablespoons of trout food three times a day. They eat the food in about 5 seconds, Do I need to feed them more or does this seem to be about right. I have had them for about 2 months they are between 3 to 5 inches long.

Anyone have advice on how many fresh worms to feed the Trout. My worm bin is producing like crazy and any tote or anything else I turn over these days is LOADED with worms underneath. I have been feeding the 2 trout tanks (about 20 mid size trout in each 330 IBC) about a rounded tablespoon per tank per day but I have heard the flavor can be affected. They still get a dose of trout feed from my auto feeders twice a day but they tend to be more excited about the worms.

Anyone else see the news report that earth worms are so abundant all over the world recently that it is freaking people out? Saw a segment on the news that was a bit creepy but great for the fish and the soil.

Anybody use Blue Seal? It's what my local feed store stocks. Thanks.


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