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I bought this pond today for my tilapias. 

The size is: 1.65M long, 1.30M wide and 50cm high. It can hold up to 350 Liters (about 90 gallons). Is this ok to grow about 20 tilapias in?

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I'll plant some more tomatoes in there :)

I don't think I have enough space for a cucumber where the  system is, but maybe a bean plant can go there. 

Thanks for the tip

Eric Warwick said:

I would increase tomatoes by 2 and remain constant with your other plants. I would add some type of trellising fruit, or pod, like a cucumber or bean. That's my opinion anyway, not really much experience with those other than bean and cucumber.

You should take everything I say about filtration with a grain of Nitrate Salt.

Air pumps are a good thing and I've even been known to hook those up to a battery backup in case of power failure. During hot weather it doesn't take long for large fish to use up all the dissolved oxygen in a small tank.

If it gets bad, you can always perturb the water yourself, or with the aid of some machine. 

I don't know if I can hook it up to a battery backup. But the electricity doesn't have much failure here. SO I don't think it will be a problem


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