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Uberman is name for a Polyphasic Sleep Cycle, where one sleeps for 15 minutes every 4 hours.  

Dymaxion sleep is where on sleeps 30 minutes every 6 hours.

Everyman is a core nap of 2-4 hours, with 2-4 naps throughout the day

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Threadjackers united! A force of its own...hehe...sorry, sorry, I can't help myself...

I've only had two paying jobs in my life and hope never to have one again. I started sleeping only four hours a night while I was in collage some thirty years ago. I did burn out about a decade ago but am back to four to six hours a night with naps during the day, whenever feel tired. There is always so much to do and learn, twenty four hours is just not enough. I use to wish I didn't need sleep. Data on Star-Trek is so lucky.

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Good stuff.  Vlad, I've had two lucid dreams since the last post, both during daylight, both times I tried to look at my hand, and both times I physically opened my eyes and woke. Easier said than done.  Thanks for you descriptions and thought patterns, all very fascinating.

I didn't mean to insinuate that death and dark dreams were hand-in-hand with psycho problems. I was just surprised that the majority of these teenage girls, largely insulated from the harsh realities of life, had experienced death in dream.  I haven't, so this was just an eye-opener.

Nate, I'm right there with you in feeling exhilarated after a dark dream. Exhilarated that I experienced such events, and exhilarated that I didn't at the same time. I have my share of them, and the feeling of relief upon discovering it was just a dream is almost a high in itself. I hope that my mortgage turns out to just be a bad dream :-)

Eric, your comment about "test for future events" reminds me that two of the girls had what they called "dream deja vu", where an actual event happened after having been dreamed.  I think I've had this before, though I can't think know of what it was or when. My oldest son I suspect of doing this quite often, because he often recounts stories of things we did as a family, which we didn't actually do.  We razz him about it, but I think some of his dreams become logged in his memory as true life events, and later he cannot differentiate the dream from life.  Many times he swears we have already been somewhere, or already done the thing we are doing for the first time, and backs it up with details, and it so convincing that I assume he is right and I have forgotten (I have the memory of a gnat), but a cross check with the family indicates otherwise.  Either it never happened, or ALL of us forgot the event in question.

Carey, I agree with TC's description regarding dream, hallucination, or vision.  I might add that dreams are typically uninvited, hallucinations are invited.  Both result in the mind playing movie director, and we just sit back and enjoy the ride. The exception is lucid dreaming, where the conscience and the psyche hold hands. A vision is where we take a piece of the dream or hallucination and apply it to our waking lives.


     The idea that hallucinations are invited.  Hum I suppose that might tell a bit about the context in which one thinks of hallucinations.  Some hallucinations are invited I suppose by people who use substances to induce them on purpose, however, extreme sleep deprivation, illness and injury can also cause Hallucinations.  I was figuring that the ones invited (sometimes by the religious use of substances) would be seen as visions by the people seeking them.  The ones brought on by other causes might just be side effects or symptoms according to western medicine but religions might attribute them as visions. 

I've had dreams that came scary close to predicting future events, who is to say our consciousness can't tap into something bigger that isn't bounded by time but, of course till something actually happens, the details are always going to be variable so I expect there is a chance that many dreams could be predicting possible futures but very rarely will they predict the one that actually comes to pass and it would be a rare person that actually remembers enough of their dreams to actually see the two things come together in a deja vo experience.

So many of my dreams seem to just be my mind playing and it seems to have such odd tastes in virtual reality scenarios that I sometimes wonder about it.

Yes, you're right TC, hallucinations may not be invited.  I was trying to make the distinction of "letting" your mind wander, as opposed to "forcing" it to wander. 

I too never recall dieing in my dreams.

Under those terms; here is a recall of one of my most memorable "invited" dreams/ Hallucinations.

The jest of this encounter was that everything is actually Math formulas; music, sound, matter, energy etc. This happened in the early nineties. I had just eaten at Jack in the box and got a real bad case of food poisoning. Yep the once infamous JB E-coli thing that killed a couple o kids and a slew of people got pretty sick.That night, I had an unbelievable experience. Sweating and thrashing I waved in and out of consciousness. Too sick to think about going to the bathroom and puking nastiness out and all alone with no one to guide or comfort, I rolled and tossed. Somewhere down the road I remember thinking that this is not a good sign and though I've brushed death many times, my conclusion seemed to be upon me. I remember thinking that though I haven't realize my purpose, I knew that I had a destiny and shouldn't give up so easily.So I did what I always did when I was in trouble. I prayed. This time instead of tele-patching me, I was granted audience. The voice said to me. "What are you doing here Carey"? "You do not need me to fix what is wrong, for you well know how it fix it yourself." And he touched my face. The world was instantly transformed into instantly recognizable, though complex looking formulas. I rushed beck to my body at just under the speed of thought and dove right into my body and into my intestines. There I saw what was wrong and fixed it. The next thing I knew, I was waking up feeling just fine and went merrily to work singing, "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.....

The most frustrating thing about lucid dreams is when you spend who knows how long (could be a split second or the whole night) " accomplishing" something important just to find that you haven't actually done it. Last night I dreamed I had finished a proposal. At waking, I could still see all the details, read every word, graphics drawn but upon opening my eyes, I realized I still have to put it together...again! At least I have the format set and layout for my graphics. 

As part of my religious rites, I practice both types of self induced & invited crossovers four times a year. These hallucinations are very different in texture than lucid dreaming though contextually maybe vary similar.

What is a daydream? Is it different from sleep dreams?

To me, daydreaming is like wearing a pair of holo-projection glasses. I can see and am aware of my surroundings but I also see scenes like in a movie, interacting with the background. i.e. a soccer match on a play field or other sports activities.


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