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This is for those vendors who just don't fit any other description

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Aquaponics Fan dot com - this guy stole the Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb document that I co-wrote with Dr. Wilson Lennard and was selling it on his website.  When I threatened legal action he stopped selling it, but was giving it away as an incentive to join his email list.  I eventually got him to take it down.  He still has one of my vendor's images of our AquaBundance system up there.  He seems to have either written, or be closely affiliated with whoever wrote the "Aquaponics 4 You" ebook.


My advice is to stay far away from this guy and his ebook.

Wow!  Get em Sylvia!  It is sad that whoever this individual is, lacks enough of his own intellectual ability that he obviously has to steal others intellectual property.  Kharma will get him sister!  It always does.  :)


Ps erase away, just wanted to let you know it is ok to vent.  You are definitely entitled!

Just goes to show you the lack of character and trust that exists in any field. yes I do get really angry at such posts but then fall back on the statement made by Green Acre Organics  "Kharma will get him sister!  It always does. "


God bless

Amen to that!
Tell us how you really feel Sylvia!

I ordered a hoop bender from Loy Robinson @    

I first sent an email asking a question, to which he replied promptly. The 4 ft row cover bender came pretty quick too, once I ordered it. The bender didn't cost too much and included the shipping. Now to get some hoops and shade cloth on my troughs :-)

I just finished (95% finished) putting up my 30W x 36L freestanding greenhouse from Omni Structures. I can't say enough about this company. The greenhouse is designed to be easy to assemble and has many features not found on ordinary GHs. It's super strong. Customer service is awesome (Mon-Fri). We got estimates from 4 different GH suppliers. Omni was 3rd least expensive incuding shipping (the cheapest quote was more of a hoophouse than a GH). I would definitely buy from them again.


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