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For any RMST aficionados (like me)...

The 100-gallon Stock Tank, an excellent depth and volume for a Flood/Drain media bed, is on sale at the venerable Tractor Supply Company, all locations. In-store only, meaning no online-ordering.

I will grab a couple this weekend, if y'all don't buy 'em out before I get paid.


I recommend them very highly.  Rick

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BullwinkleII said:

Well, you guys get to have BYAP shops. We in the States get Rubbermaid Stock Tanks.

(Would it fit in your kitchen anyway?)

How much are they selling them for?
Ron Thompson said:
How much are they selling them for?
$79.99 at all the locations I have checked. They used to be $69 all the time, and went up a year ago...


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