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Been There, Done That, Fish too far gone for the freezer.

Got home from a week away to find several floating fish bodies.  It wasn't a total HSM (heart stopping moment) as there are still plenty of fish swimming.

However, it always sucks to loose fish, especially when the cause is not certain.  Anyway, I'll be researching to try and figure out what has killed them.  The dead ones look like the gills on one side are badly infected or injured in some way.  Last year I think I lost one or two to whatever this is but since it didn't seem to spread, I didn't worry too much about it.  This time I pulled seven out of the tank and there is still at least one swimming around that looks to have the condition.

Did water tests and only a trace of ammonia and trace of nitrite which isn't surprising since I just pulled several very dead and rotting fish from the tank.  Yuck.

So now I get to watch and wait and hope the disease or whatever is going on isn't going to kill more fish though I will probably try to remove the one sick looking one tomorrow.

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Black soldier fly
ding, and JT got it in one.

BSF bin or Bio pod. Where we can raise the larva of black soldier flies which make great fish and chicken treats.

However, Daniel, I think yours takes the award for creativity with Bloated Stinky Fish. The BSF bin also makes a great way to dispose of such and get a value added product in the deal.
Well it looks as if the other fish that was in isolation must have jumped out and been carried off by some critter, or just simply been grabbed and carried off by a critter because the bin was empty this morning.

I pulled a dead sick fish out of the big fish tank and removed two more still living but sick fish to the isolation tank.

that puts me at 106 fish in the big tank (unless some small ones have been eaten completely and I don't know it.)

There is still at least one fish in the big tank that appears to have the gill condition but only minimally compared to all the others I've pulled out so far. Have not been able to easily catch it to remove but will keep and eye on things.

There are still several fish that appear to have baddly injured/damaged fins but so far none seem to be dieing of that. Will monitor that too.


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