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I plan to use a 600 gallon inflatable swimming pool as my fish tank. Anyone knows any local store sell Rubbermaid stock tank or tuff stuff tank? Another option is IBC tote. But if I only cut it into half for two grow beds, will they be too tall? I am not sure where to get IBC tote locally either. Any suggestions of grow beds choices which can be found locally will be highly appreciated.

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I good cheap thing to use for grow beds I'd go to your Home Depot and buy the plastic cement mixing tubs, they come in 3 sizes, go for the largest ones, that's a cheap way and local way to do it and drill holes for you flood drain system, I have the stock tanks for sale
Hi Sny, if your looking for quality totes that are food grade and can be delivered, to to the Ventura county craigslist, there is a old guy who has them, that's his business, he is very picky about the containers we accepts, he has business cards, I just can't find it,but you might find him thru google, "the barrel guy" I can vouche for this old timer, he will deliver as well for a extra cost, :D :D

This area has a lot of totes available but you are going to pay a premium for food grade quality. I chose to clean mine, about 10 hours into the process I am wishing I got food grade. but together we saved about 400.


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