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obviously I am not an experienced blogger! lol I started this group then posted in the wrong part to start it off. oh well experiment, learn, grow ! 

    OK now that I finaly realized how this Blogging thing works here it is, I would like others to add their DIY in this as well. 

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This is a close up view of a pipe I made from a Monster can, the bottle is a empty fish food container. after cutting the top and bottom of can off, i had a sheet of aluminum, rolling this into a tube shape, then coating a thin line of silicone sealant, (like glue on a rolling paper), insert it into hole and allow it to unravel to fit the size of the hole i drilled, then added more silicone to inside of tray around pipe. The 2 combined make a bell siphon that works to flush and allow the tray to fill again. this is an example of the benefits of using recycled materials. 

This is a water bridge siphon pump, I came up with after learning about the water bridge concept in DIY tubes. The 1st pic shows it in the science experiment stage. This ran for a month with only slight adjustments! I must admit, it sure doesn't look like it would, but it did, and very well I might add. Now I can post the "improved version" for others to copy and make at home or farm. 

 How it works- a siphon is held in a "U" shaped pipe assembly. 1 end in tank, other end in canister. Add abit of water in canister to cover the pipe about 1" higher than end, then remove air from U shaped pipe, creating a siphon. The outlet on side of canister is higher than the end of the U shaped assembly in it. this is the big secret! it will hold the siphon if electricity goes out, and will restart when water is added to tank, without touching or doing anything to it. note: that it has no moving parts. Water flows out the outlet on side of canister to desired location. note: the height of the bottom portion of the outlet will determine the water level of the tank holding the other side of U shaped pipe assembly.

 How it is made: 1" pvp piping put together in a "U" shape. A coffee can with a hole drilled to put the outlet adapter in. as well as small holes at top of rim to feed heavy coat hanger wire in. ( used as a wire hanger to hold canister on side of tank) The outlet is a piece of threaded to 1" pvc adapter with washers on both sides of canister wall, and a electrical conduit nut threaded fairly tightly on it. about 1/4 turn past hand tight. Then simply run your pipe as a drain. Note: do not glue the T fittings so You can adjust the flow rates as needed.

You can see on mine i used the drain from the water bridge siphon pump to feed 4 GB's with "t" fittings and a 90 elbow on last GB. You can make the flow even to all GB's by changing the angle of the T's slightly till they all flow evenly.

 I hope this helps/inspires others to be creative, recycle, and learn. 

Happy Growin to Ya

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