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From Anthony Marsh to Rob Nash Sent Apr 29, 2012

Hello Rob,

I did not want to ask this on your photo Big o Fish. But what did you have to get from the State of Texas to have Blue x Nile? My studies of all the laws here in Texas back in 2007 about tilapia, the mosimbics are the only tilapia permitted to have here in Texas alive...

Anthony from San Antonio, Tx


From Rob Nash to Anthony Marsh Sent on Tuesday

Hi Anthony,

TXPW has to inspect your system to see that its closed loop, and worthy of commercial production, and they will give you an exotic species permit to go with your aquaculture license.

The mozambique exception is for private pond and lakes.

What are you working on? Would be glad to help any way I can.




 From Anthony Marsh to Rob Nash Sent on Tuesday


Thank you for the info. that wasn't availible 5 years ago. But on the note of aquaculture license, what Dept. would I research that thru?

And I have to start small ( backyard ) greenhouse and work my way up to a commerial property...I have gone thru tough times in my present business ( Landscaping ) and the adverse weather is still not helping things.

when you persued the Aquaculture lic and exotic species permit, how large of a system did you have and where was it located?

Thanks again,



i had 3 1,000 gallon tanks in a 96ft greenhouse. they want to know that you can grow enough to offer them as a food fish. they dont like a "fingerlings for backyarders" type start up. and i will add, there is not much business in fish on a small scale.

when growing with ap, the fish only represent 10% of your annual income at best. i have 3000 fish on hand and dont plan to sell them to the public. between myself, family and friends, i plan to eat all of them. ...its just not worth the trouble to process them to take to market. ...not to mention the liability associated.   so the only fish farm model is... to provide fish for private lakes such as bass, cats, bluegill etc. which is saturated with very large well established farms, that none of us can compete with in the central texas area.

i agree with the popular opinion that you should only stock to about1/3 of a lb per gallon, and just max out the growbeds. the produce is where ap is really productive.

i had very high hopes for the fish when i started in 09, but when you consider the logistics of processing them its a huge, hairy can of worms.  ie. inspections, etc. when selling produce, its a raw commodity and there is no regulation and over sight. processed fish is a food item, and the health dept. steps into the picture.

if you just want to grow plants with ap, use other fish, cats, bluegill, etc.  ...if you really want tilapia, go with mozzies. they grow plenty fast. will have to run a heater with any tilapia you choose, might as well go with the ones that dont require a permit.

if you dont sell the fish in any way, fingerling, fillets etc. you dont need any permits. department of agriculture or TXPW. saves money with fees and renewals as well.

get your feet wet, then go for the permits when you really need them, especially starting small.





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