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Is this a dead group? Are their active members in the SA area. Austin is too far to travel to collaborate with others

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There are a few of us around San Antonio. I haven't seen anyone on this board in a while. Alex is moving away, I think this weekend. You can always contact my husband for questions at 210-413-9980. Leisa

I have not been as active lately as I should.  I have focused on purchasing some land and building a house for the last year or so.  That is almost done and now it is time to build a hoop house and expand my system.

You may see a bunch of questions from me in the very near future.  Anyone with experiance, suggestions or advice for setting up a system for sustainable living your input is welcome and incouraged.

Thanks,  Travis

We'll keep it going for questions and such. Sorry this move has been very stressful. I am glad the meetups are going well.I will be turning over this site soon.were not dead, We just hibernate for the winter.I will be closing on my house on monday and will be rebuilding my system shortly after . Thanks for all the support and memories... you guys will be missed.


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