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Workshops by Aquaponics Urban Gurus - Helping provide sustainable solutions to the World Hunger Epidemic

Sahib Punjabi  has held his FIRST Aquaponics training workshops by Aquaponics Urban Gurus on December 10th, 2011. The Aquaponics Workshops were very well received by all who participated and hopefully the world will have another few people who will build Aquaponics systems themselves, enjoy this way of life and then share such knowledge with many many more. The power of "One"! Just like the magic of compound interest, God willing, Aquaponics knowledge and the associated way of life will follow this rule and it's spread will make a serious positive impact in providing sustainable solutions to the world hunger epidemic.


Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics recently wrote what "success" meant to me...

"To Sahib what the word “success” means is that most (if not ALL) of the participants in the courses go out,  build and operate aquaponics systems with the knowledge empowered that Sahib has imparted during the course to help end world hunger.

Sahib is dedicated to “feeding the villages” of the world,  are his words for teaching the poorest people in the world how to feed themselves using aquaponics. He is developing Aquaponics systems in Winter Park, Florida, that are the prototypes for affordable systems that will be appropriate for economically disadvantaged and developing nations.

He is  accomplishing this in the most interesting place ever seen on an Aquaponics farm: in the “dead space” of a suburban strip mall in Winter Park, near Orlando in central Florida. This is not only innovative on Sahib’s part, but perhaps prescient also. Although the politicians all say “we’re on the road to recovery”, there are others who talk of going back to basics and being responsible for our own food security. I can’t think of a better use for a lot of those empty strip malls we see nowadays: imagine housing the farming community in the buildings and growing the food in the empty parking lots!

So please do your best to support Sahib in this new enterprise by signing up for this life-changing course or making a donation for an underprivileged individual wanting to learn. He is using the profits from this to fund the development of aquaponics for the poor hungry world villages."

Will you help join me...can we work together in this mission?

What ideas do you have to help towards this goal?

God bless

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