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A question that I am often asked is “Other than the lettuces and leafy greens, what else can you grow in Aquaponics?” That is then followed by, “Is it profitable?”

 Today I will suggest growing one of my favorite vegetables, Okra ...Bhindi


You can see my recent article at


Enjoy & God bless,

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Beautiful :-)

Going to ask you for some seeds my friend. Love to try this variety.

God bless

The picture I posted is the best okra in Florida - it is a heirloom variety from the 1880's known as red burgundy okra.  The plant is beautiful and spectacular. I am growing Clemsom Spineless green okra about 10 feet away and the red okra is much more prolific, more pest resistant, longer producing, and clearly more beautiful.    Also, I would say it is more tender and sweet than the green type okra.  I have the red okra in a wicking bed and in the raft style aquaponics and the yield is much more in the raft aquaponics, while the growth rate is about the same.  I have saved seeds for 5 years now and the plants keep getting better every year.  Forget those commercial okra varieties - grow heirloom varieties!  I have starter plants in Melbourne, Florida.  My facebook photo is the flower of this plant -

Thank you Sir :-)

Will meet soon David and get some heirloom seeds from you. Also may need some 55gal rain barrels. PM me when you get a chance.

God bless

Hay David, I'm interested in buying or trading for some of those seeds, those look lovely.

Because these look amazing and I am sure David cant fufill everyones seed requests should there be more, they can also be found here :

I had ordered a few seed samples from rareseeds in the spring and so far been happy with them.


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