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Wow, I got to be part of the 1st 'Aquaponic Urban Guru' training this past weekend with Sahib. There was several new folks to AP and they all seemed to enjoy the classes.

We had 2 full days of classroom training and hands on training outside. A brief shower tried to interupt, but in FL, if you just wait for a short while, they travel on by. The outside class consisted of building a small raft bed one day, and the next, we built 2 media beds with bell siphons.




This is just a few of the new towers....

Even the food provided was 1st class.....I knew we were in for a real treat when the morning coffee was some really good Purta Rican coffee. Now that's a way to start the day !

A big 'Thank You' goes out to Sahib, Tc Lynx and Patrick McKee for all the great info they shared with us.

We even received some really nice certificates of completion...

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Thank you David ;-)

As I informed everyone, John & you are like my right and left arm. It was a blast because we all had fun and shared our knowledge. The "exit' feedback forms were all extremely positive and I have already received back an e-mail that T & C are so excited and in process of looking for materials to build a system like our demonstration model. Yes need some improvements in AV system...we will do that, but as you say, "everyone seemed to enjoy the classes". Many indicated that they would recommend this Workshop to others but would also like to attend other Workshops by Aquaponics Urban Gurus.

I sincerely also want to thank TCLynx for her excellent presentations, her assistance during the Workshop, her food truck display (what a hit! ), as well as her friendship. I also want to thank Patrick McKee for all his help. Nice we need to stay in touch with all who attended and share their experience in building their Aquaponics Systems as well continue to improve the Aquaponics Workshops by Aquaponics Urban Gurus. 

I will share some videos and photos when they are processed, especially on Phase II. You know we still have some major creations to complete there. Here are some that I took recently..

A big "THANK YOU" to Sahib for all his organizational skills that went into this training session! I could immediately see all the work David and John has put into, not only the workshop, but all the improvements that have been occurring at the "Urban Wasteland"; Now  it has been transformed into a beautiful and productive "Urban Farmland"!

Yes, thank you for putting it all together Sahib.  The organization of such things is really much more involved than many people realize.

I fear we may have overwhelmed some people but hopefully not scared them away from aquaponics.


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