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Hi all, I am a new member and was wondering where everyone in this group is located in the Sacto area.

I am in the Shingle Springs area (7 miles west of Placerville).

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Hey there Alan, well, I can give you a little statistical info; you can also click on icons of any member to see their location.  You can also go to Members and search any city name to find who's there.  

As for the statistical info:  of the 80+ in the Sac group on this forum, somewhat under 1/2 are within 30 miles of Sac, most are within 200 miles of Sac; furthest away are from Serbia and Australia.  Up your way along Hwy 50, there are folks from Placerville & El Dorado Hills.   Again, search for those place names and you can connect with those folks directly if you want.

farm in valley springs, ca but mainly live in Pleasanton, CA

Thanks for the info. will do that this weekend.

Paul, It would sure be nice if the local group  could meet once a month for a dinner or something. I  will drive the 30"+ omiles just to meet fellow members.  Maybe after first of the year we can start something up.


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