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It was the lead article in the Bee's Sunday biz section!

The author, Anne Gonzalez, is a member of this forum and this Sac group.

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Paul, you are a rock star! Or should I say lava rock star...thanks for your commitment to the fair, and your help on the article.

Sorry I spelled your last name wrong Anne!  

Really nice job on the article.

Awesome I am going out to get it right now!


Geez! Didn't realize I was rubbing elbows with movers and shakers. Very cool!

More ink on the State Fair:

In a Sacramento Bee article yesterdaty about the future of the California State Fair, the Fair’s director pointed out that:

“despite its shrinking budget, [the Fair] manages to showcase new technology and trends as well.

It does DNA testing of cattle. It displays aquaponic agriculture, where kids can reach into tanks and touch swimming sturgeon. It celebrates the best wines in the state with a major California-only wine competition. It runs an organic farm that teaches families what they can grow in their own yards.”

Even though touching sturgeon was technically separate from the aquaponics displays, I think it’s significant that the aquaculture/aquaponics exhibit was one of only four features of the fair he chose to mention.

See for the full article.

Great article. I didn't make the fair this year. :(


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