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...without the claw feet.  Steel.  Very heavy duty (and heavy).  Has been used outdoors as a planter for a while.  Thought I might want it as a growbed, fish tank, or sump tank, but don't have a need at the moment.

Will let my neighborhood scrap recycling friend take it Friday if no interest here.


(downtown Sac)

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Hey Paul,
I would love to have that if there is no one else interested. My truck is in the shop today , should have it back on Friday. I need to go to Wilton to service a pond and that is most of the way to me and we can set something up. (916)826-1382

Hi Paul,

We need something to set up our first aquaponics system and thought we'd use a tub. If B. does not take it, then we'd love to have it. We have a truck, and could pick it up today. Katharine and Michael (530) 354-2691. We're located in Sacramento. Thanks! KH

Looks like Bill wants it, but if that falls through, will let you know, Michael (probably early next week).

Bill got it


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